On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday morning of each month, 2-5 year old’s are dismissed before the sermon to have an age appropriate Bible class.  We all know that this age can get a little antsy during worship. Children’s Bible Hour (CBH) gives parents and kids the opportunity to get more out of worship.  Parents stay in the auditorium for the sermon while kids go to the CBH room and learn a Bible story in a fun, age-appropriate setting…which is a win-win! Each time CBH is offered there is a different teacher and currently we are following the Sonlight Station curriculum which is a great interactive Bible study that is geared toward this age group.  There is singing, Bible time, active rhymes, skits, puppets, and crafts.  The kids really enjoy this time!!! We’ve recently moved to our new classroom which is a great new large place for us! We have pagers for our parent/guardians in the event you are needed.

Listen for the announcement and send your kids our way, We would love to have them!