Website Admin

Hello and good day to you!

First and foremost, I hope you enjoy this website!  My name is Matt Reynolds and it is an honor for me to take up this venture in creating and updating a completely new website for our church!  Our sole mission with this venture is to keep our members up to date with what is going on at HCoC, give an avenue of worship to those who cant be with us by being able to listen to the preaching of God’s Word through video/audio sermons, and finally to give a visual to our local community and throughout the world as to who we are, what we believe and what we do!  If you have any comments/concerns or feedback, please navigate to the Contact Us page and click on the “website issues” link.  From there you can shoot me an email with your feedback.

Our goal with this website is to play catch up with the 21st century and by doing so, give a clear path for our internet users to the day to day activities of Hartselle Church of Christ.  Within this website you will find some much needed information concerning just about everything having to do with the church.

While the site is in its infancy…and myself being new to building web pages, I want to express my appreciation in advance for your patience and understanding.  The overall effort is incredibly time consuming….however, I have voluntarily taken on this project in hopes to propel the Ministry of Hartselle Church of Christ to the 21st Century!  Within the next few months I hope to have the website running like a well-oiled machine and when the time is right I plan to put a team together to help me keep it rolling along.  That old saying, “I can do everything…but I can’t do it all” rings true…and I will need the help of some volunteers who are savvy on the WWW (World Wide Web) to help me out!  What a great opportunity for you to get involved and use your talents at HCoC!  When the time is right, this page will turn into a Website Team!

I feel more than confident that through the use of this tool, and the ability to offer video and audio sermons, those who are simply unable to join us for our typical worship services can have another avenue to Worship our Lord and Savior!  There is even a possibility that over time we can stream our worship live!

At any rate, thank you for what you do and join me as we gain another avenue to broaden the borders of His Kingdom!

Eternally His,

Matt Reynolds